Collection: Bibs

Make meal time easier with a selection of baby bibs. From cape bibs, to food catcher bibs, long sleeve bibs and more. Each made with care to keep your baby comfortable and mess-free. Available in a range of fun prints, colours, and designs, shop the full baby bib range below.

When should kids stop wearing bibs?
Every baby is different, but as a rough guideline babies will have a better grasp on their fine motor skills by two to three years of age. At this point they should be slightly less messy eaters and are less likely to require a bib.

What kinds of bibs do I need?
For some families, traditional style bibs may be sufficient, however we would recommend keeping a mixture traditional bibs, feeding bibs, and smock bibs to keep your little one free from spills and drool as they age and experience different situations.

How many bibs do I need?
There is no set amount of bibs that you'll need as each family is different. However, we'd opt for at least 6 which should see you through until the next washing cycle. If you're looking to use a clean bib for every meal then it is recommended that you double this amount.