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30 years ago in Spain, Lorena Canals, a young mother, was watching her two young children messily playing on a rug one day, when she thought: “Wouldn’t life be easier if I could wash rugs at home?”. She started searching for a washable rug, but couldn’t find anything suitable, so decided to make one herself. Lorena Canals rugs were born! 

Since launching in the 1990s, Lorena has gone on to sell over six million products in her home city of Barcelona alone! 

Lorena canals and her daughters

From the beginning, the heart and soul of the brand has been their machine-washable rugs. They’re easy to keep clean and completely safe for kids. Made from 100% cotton, they use natural dyes in the dying process, which are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their products are unique handmade art pieces: no two are alike.

Lorena Canals washable rugs

Lorena Canals' rugs are often inspired by the vibrant colours of India, where they are made in their own factory, and the beautiful variety of nature. Today, they have two different lines of products. The first one is the Kids line, where they sell products specifically designed for children. The second one is the Home line, which are products for anyone who loves having a touch of style in their home.

With her love for nature and the environment, sustainability has always been important for Lorena. The idea of reducing waste in home textiles has expanded to a wide product line and a deep commitment to the environment, the health of the consumer and care for her artisans who handmake them. 

A great example of the company’s mission to put the planet first is seen in the RugCycled range, which is made from upcycled rugs. The line was originally developed for kids with a focus on natural fibers that don’t contain toxic chemicals. Completely washable, the rugs rely on leftover textiles, creating a closed, zero-waste, product circle. Plus, the process results in up to 90% water savings. Most of the rugs feature neutral, undyed prints. However, natural, non-toxic dyes are used when colours are incorporated.

Lorena Canals Rugcycled

Today, Lorena Canals creates more than just rugs. Their range also includes poufs, cushions, baskets and toys. All product sales fund a Lorena Canals charity, called Sakûla, that supports education in poor areas of India where children often lack access to schooling. 

Lorena Canals charity



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