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Focus On: IZIPIZI Sunglasses

We wanted to spend some time focussing on our favourite sunglasses brand IZIPIZI. Their styles have grown to be a firm favourite with our customers and it's clear to see why! With a range of sunglasses to fit newborns to 10 year olds, putting comfort and style at the forefront of their designs, they are a must have for summer!

IZIPIZI Sunglasses
IZIPIZI started life in 2010, founded by 3 school friends Charles, Quentin and Xavier, as an eyewear company setting theirselves the challenge to improve visibility for people experiencing presbyopia, concentrating on use in public places such a banks, hotels etc.

By 2013 they had branched out into the reading glasses market, providing fun, fashionable options. 2016 saw them launch a junior range and following its success, in 2017 they launched the baby and kids range that we stock here at Soren's House.

IZIPIZI sunglasses

What was IZIPIZI originally called?

When the company started out in 2010 they were originally known as See up. They then changed to See Concept, then settling on the name IZIPIZI in 2017.

Where is IZIPIZI made?

IZIPIZI glasses are designed in France, and the majority of frames are made by a family owned business in Taiwan. Due to the fact baby and kids glasses have a strict set of standards to meet, IZIPIZI have selected a specialist Chinese company to carry out the manufacture of these styles.

Is IZIPIZI french?

All IZIPIZI glasses are designed in Paris, France.

Are IZIPIZI sunglasses polarized?

All IZIPIZI sunglasses come with polarized lenses with 100% UV, category 3 as standard. (Polarized Sun lenses cat. 3: UV rays damage the eye cells. With time, the renewal will be done less and less well. The sunglasses provide adapted protection with 100% UV category 3 lenses which protect from glare and filter 100% of ultraviolet (UV) rays.)

What does it mean if sunglasses are polarized?

As standard, all sunglasses are designed to protect against UV rays and minimise glare. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are produced with a special process to filter out a certain kind of intense glare, due to this they can give you more accurate vision and help with eye strain.

What are IZIPIZI sunglasses made from?

IZIPIZI kids sunglasses frames are made from TPE-E, which is a flexible alternative to polycarbonate which they use for adult styles. The great news is TPE-E is guaranteed to have no harmful chemicals!

Is IZIPIZI packaging recyclable?

What we love about the IZIPIZI packaging is that so much thought has gone into its functionality and style. All of their packaging is made from recycled materials and they have now stopped the use of mineral inks. IZIPIZI offer you 2 options with their packaging, to pop in your recycle bin as normal or find a new use for their sturdy sunglasses boxes, for example, drawer divider/desk tidy. We love that!

Are IZIPIZI eco-friendly?

IZIPIZI use recycleable packaging made from recycled materials. They are putting in the work to reduce their carbon footprint by limiting the use of non-renewable resources and working towards styles made from bio based materials. IZIPIZI now have a range called Slim by IZIPIZI, which is their first planet friendly frame, made from 45% bio based material; 100% castor oil.

Our IZIPIZI favourites:

Baby sunglasses (0-9 months)

We stock a lovely range of stylish baby sunglasses from IZIPIZI, they come with a really handy flexible silicone strap that can be attached to the arms to keep the sunglasses in place. The baby sunglasses also feature straight arms to adapt to baby growth, meaning they can wear them for longer!

IZIPIZI baby sunglassesToddler sunglasses (9-36 months) and Kids+ sunglasses (3-5 years)

These styles also come with the handy removable silicone strap and straight arms which means they can grow with your toddler, which we love! Let your kids personality shine through with these colourful sunnies!

IZIPIZI toddler sunglassesJunior sunglasses (5-10 years)

The coolest sunnies for the coolest kids. The junior styles feature flexible arms and spring hinges, meaning they have the ability to adapt to all face shapes and sizes.

IZIPIZI junior sunglasses

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