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Focus On: Miffy

The next in our Focus on: series comes the iconic Miffy! We have a huge range of best-selling Miffy bunny toys in the store in a wide range of styles & sizes. We even introduced Miffy's friend Snuffy to our collection last year too!

About Miffy:

Dick Bruna is a Dutch author & illustrator most well-known for creating the famous Miffy image in 1955. She features in over 30 of his books, which is far more than any of the other characters he created.

Miffy’s popularity has grown & grown, seeing her star in 2 television series & her very own film! The story goes that Bruna told his son stories of a little white rabbit running around their holiday home & this is where the inspiration for Miffy came from!


What did Miffy originally look like?

The early drawings of Miffy saw a slightly different bunny than we know today. She started out with floppy ears, almost like a fluffy cuddly toy, rather than the simple bold lines of modern day Miffy. In 1963, when Bruna’s books began being published in the iconic square form, Miffy became the instantly recognisable rabbit we all know & love today.
MiffyWhere does the name Miffy come from?

The dutch word “konijntje” translates to “little bunny” in english, which when shortened is “nijntje" which is what Miffy is known as in the Netherlands. Dick Bruna decided that due to the fact “little bunny” translates to so many different words around the world, that his character should be universally known as Miffy.

Is Miffy a boy or a girl?

When originally creating the illustrations of Miffy, Bruna is said to have preferred drawing Miffy in a dress rather than trousers, so she has always been known as a girl.

Why is Miffy so popular?

Miffy is such a simple & instantly recognisable character, appealing to people of all ages. Her simple, bold shape, kind face, & bright pops of colour make the books visually appealing, alongside the relatable & fun adventures that she has, which parents & children love to read about & enjoy.

Who is Snuffy?

Snuffy the brave brown dog originally features in the episode “Miffy Meets Snuffy” in the “Miffy & Friends” series. Snuffy goes on to become one of the main characters, as Miffy’s best friend and pet. Snuffy is given the name by Miffy, due to the way Snuffy sniffed!

Our favourite Miffys:

We have such a brilliant range of Miffy toys in the store, in so many different fabrics, including Velvetine, Terry, Corduroy & Mousseline.

The animal print Miffys are really popular with our customers, & the zebra print Miffy is a personal favourite!

We added a range of Snuffys to our Miffy collection last year, & we absolutely love the Cream Corduroy Snuffy!

We were super excited to add the Miffy Playmat set from Gus + Beau to our store, the cutest addition to any playroom!


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