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Focus on: Olli Ella

The next in our 'Focus On' series comes Olli Ella; One of the most stunning yet playful collections we stock here at Sorens House is made by Olli Ella, from their iconic baskets to their ever growing family of dinkum dolls, dozy dinkums and holdie folk.

We love every new collection from Olli Ella and can’t wait to see what they come up with year by year! The quality and care that goes into every product ensures that they will last for years to come and can be passed from generation to generation.

When did Olli Ella start?

Olli Ella was founded by sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman in 2010. Like a lot of businesses started by mothers, the brand was born when Chloe became pregnant and wanted a specific kind of nursing chair that could not be found anywhere on the market. The sisters say that they were really keen to go into business together and had lots of business ideas prior to this, but this time round the idea just stuck.

The brand started life as an interiors range, which they ran along side their main occupation of running a small art gallery in London. Little did they know that 6 months down the line their brand would be scouted by Harrods to feature in their store! And the rest is history… Olli Ella has gone from strength to strength, shipping their items worldwide and developing into the company we know and love today.

Sisters Chloe and Olivia are quoted as saying “We are, ourselves, children before we are designers - both of us to this day collecting toys & treasures.” This love for playful items that spark children’s imaginations is clear to see in their designs today.

Olli Ella Founders

What does Olli Ella mean?

Olli Ella is the sisters names combined - Chloe's middle name is Ella which they added to Olivia's name. They call this a celebration of sisterhood.

Where is Olli Ella from?

Olli Ella started life in London; founder Olivia runs the London Office and founder Chloe runs the Australian office and they share the US territory.

Where are Olli Ella products made?

Olli Ella are very transparent when it comes to their manufacturing partners and how long they have been working together. Their aims are to cause minimal impact on the environment, ethical supply and the best quality products possible. They seek out manufacturers that value the same principles.

Three areas in Vietnam manufacture their rattan and seagrass products, two locations in India manufacture their woven textiles and cotton apparel, four locations in China manufacture their wooden, PET recycled plastic, soft plush toys and paper products, and finally a manufacturer in France creates their clogs and sandals.

Olli Ella Manufacturers

What are our favourite Olli Ella pieces?

We need to start off with one of our favourite items, the Holdie Barn! We love its super simple design, ready to effortlessly slot into your kids play time, featuring a latch to close it up and store away all the magic.

Olli Ella Holdie Barn

Next up we need to mention the Holdie Folk, with so many gorgeous characters to choose from, you would be hard pushed to choose a favourite.

Olli Ella Holdie Folk

The Casa Clutch is one of Olli Ella's most iconic designs, bringing fun and functionality together.

Olli Ella Casa Clutch

We also love the Toaty Trunk, another iconic woven basket design, taking on the shape of a suitcase; Perfect for storage or play!

Olli Ella Toaty Trunk

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