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How Can I Update My Child’s Room On a Budget?

Keeping up with your children’s ever changing interests, as well as finding constant inspiration via pinterest and instagram, can lead you to wanting to change up your decor every 5 minutes! So here are our top tips to changing up your child’s bedroom theme on a budget:


First up lets talk paint. Firstly, whenever you are decorating, buy a bit more paint than you need and keep hold of it, that way you will always have a small stock of paint whenever you get the itch to start painting! Secondly, try to keep the main colour of the bedroom neutral, that way you’ll only really need to be touching up scuffs, and can bring in the room theme in other ways.

Bedding, Curtains & Rugs:

The soft furnishings such as the curtains and bedding can be used in 2 ways. Either, keeping them neutral so the theme can be brought into the room in other ways and they don’t need to be changed up as often. Or, use them to tie in the theme by choosing block colours to contribute to the chosen colour palette, or by choosing fun patterns that closely fit the theme.

Keeping the bedding neutral but adding in a blanket or beanbags/cushions to show the theme is a great inexpensive way to keep on budget.

Wall Decor & Prints:

This is where the fun part begins; adding less expensive wall decor and prints really ties a bedroom theme together. Fun garlands, animal heads and shelf accessories are all great ways to bring a bedroom theme to life.

Our Favourites:

We have a wide range of Bedroom Themes here at Soren's House, to give you some kids room inspiration, from Big Blue Sea to Dinosaurs. Here are some of our favourite items for themed children’s bedrooms:

The range of 3D model wall decorations from Studio Roof are just amazing and really affordable. You can really make a statement in a themed room. With a huge range of individual bugs, birds and fish and also sets like the Wall of Curiosities - Fish Hobbyist which is perfect for an ocean themed room.

Studio roof fish

Fiona Walker felt animals heads and wall hooks are a fabulous addition to any room! With a wide range to choose from, there will be something to suit any room theme!

Fiona walker animal heads

Kid of the Village and Pretty In Print have a huge range of stylish prints to compliment any room theme, from Mushroom Prints to suit a Woodland Theme, to World Map Prints for a Safari theme, we absolutely love these modern illustrative prints for the children's bedroom wall!

kid of the village wall art

We have a huge range of Bedding and Blankets to suit every bedroom, but here are a few of our faves: Kabode Rainbow Duvet Cover, Avery Row Cotton Bedding in Peaches and Konges Slojd Bedding Set in Dinosaurs.

kids bedding

We love the Bellybambino baskets for adding a splash of character to a room whilst doubling up as handy toy storage!

Bellybambino baskets

Shop our range of bedroom themes:

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