How Do You Use a bbhugme Pillow During Pregnancy?

How Do You Use a bbhugme Pillow During Pregnancy?

You might have heard a lot about bbhugme’s pregnancy pillow, but how does it work?

We love this pillow for sitting, lying, resting & sleeping during pregnancy & beyond. It works by providing relief to the most critical & common problem areas for the pregnant body; pelvis, lower back, belly, knees & ankles.

The great thing about this pregnancy pillow is that the length & firmness of the pillow can be adjusted, meaning you can completely tailor it to you & your comfort needs. Adjust the pillow by moving the pebbles up or down & place pillow between the knees, resting your ankle on top, then roll the pillow under your belly until it lays comfortably on top. And relax!

Something that you might not know about this pillow is that you can actually use it to help you rest while laying on your front, which is something i know a lot of women miss during pregnancy!! Simply tie the ends to make the pillow into a doughnut shape & lower your belly into the hole.

I personally suffered with heartburn towards the end of my pregnancy, & bbhugme can help with that too! Simply use the pillow to elevate your upper body to help with a peaceful nights sleep.


Take a look at bbhugme’s video for more info & how to’s:


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