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    How To Make Sleeping Bags For Your Olli Ella Holdie Folk

    Am I the only person who’s child is constantly finding tiny things for their dolls & toys to sleep in!? Whether its an old butter container, or a sock, my daughter will find it. I made these little sleeping bags for her to tuck her Olli Ella holdie folk up at night & she adores them!

    So here’s how to:

    Things you will need:
    Embroidery thread
    Leaf template

    1. Draw a leaf shape that your holdie doll will fit inside
    2. Fold the felt in half, lay the template on top & cut out 2 leaf shapes
    3. Lay the doll on top, measure where you need to cut the top leaf shape so the arms can sit out of the top, & cut
    4. Firstly, sew blanket stitch along the straight edge of the front leaf & then continue in blanket stitch to sew the 2 pieces together

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