Soren's House is planting trees with Trees For Life!

Soren's House is planting trees with Trees For Life!

We are super proud to announce that Soren’s House has partnered with conservation charity Trees For Life to help with the process of reforestation here in the UK. For every 25 orders we receive, we will plant a tree in our very own grove -

Recently Parliament declared a climate emergency in the UK, because when it comes to stopping climate meltdown, we're in the last-chance saloon. One of the key ways we can tackle climate change is to help nature to help the climate – nature is the ultimate carbon capture and storage machine. The fastest and cheapest way for Britain to suck carbon out of the air would be to double tree cover and restore the peatlands and wetlands.

According to the committee on climate change, tree planting must double by 2020 as part of radical changes to land use in the UK.

Trees For Life is a multi-award winning conservation charity. For over 25 years they have worked with around 5,000 volunteers to rescue the Scottish Caledonian Forest & the wildlife that calls it home. Today, due to centuries of deforestation & overgrazing, only a fraction of the former Caledonian Forest survives, but Trees for Life has planted more than 1.5 million trees at dozens of locations, and has created 10,000 acres of new forest.

Trees For Life work in three ways;

  1. Saving the wild forests: nurturing seedlings, planting native trees & encouraging natural regeneration.
  2. Giving a helping hand to wildlife: reintroducing missing species, such as the red squirrel, to the wild forests.
  3. Inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to be involved in rewilding to improve wellbeing and develop new skills. By providing a sustainable and positive example of working in cooperation with nature and a demonstration of the techniques of ecological restoration, they aim to inspire similar projects elsewhere in the UK and around the world.

The trees we plant in our grove with the help of our customers will help to transform bare hillsides into healthy young woodland, rich in wildlife and protected for future generations!

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