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    Top 5 Kids Reading Nook Essentials

    Creating a cosy reading nook in your child's bedroom or playroom is a lovely way to create a beautiful, calm space for chilling out, reading & relaxing. Here are some of our must haves to create that special cozy space for your little one:

    The Liewood Enzo Canopy is a brilliant item to have open to welcome your child in, or closed to create a secret space to read or play. We have a lovely range of colours to choose from to suit every room!

    Next up we need something to sit on! We love the Fabelab quilted blankets which double as soft playmats. Pop one under your canopy for a cuddly, cosy place to curl up & read.

    The Wigiwama Ottoman Cushion would make a lovely addition to a reading corner; its fun round shape is so inviting for kids & super comfortable too!

    We love the Cabana Kids Bunting for adding a splash of colour to any room. Mount them on the wall or drape them round your canopy for a bit of extra fun.

    The Alphabet Soup Wall Hooks by Rock & Pebble were MADE for a fun reading space. These playful wall hooks would be perfect for hanging storage bags, prints, or even displaying your child's favourite clothes.

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