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    What are baby flash cards and how do they aid development?

    There are mixed opinions out there on whether flash cards for babies & toddlers are good for their development and learning. At Soren’s House we believe that if they are used in the right way, they can be fun & educational.

    What are baby flash cards?

    Baby flash cards are large cards with big pictures, words, or numbers on them. Flash cards are ideal for infant stimulation, and they can be fascinating to many young children. They can be helpful in making learning a fun part of everyday play.

    baby flash cards

    How do flash cards help with a child’s development?

    If flash cards are used correctly and your child reacts positively to them, they can help in many areas.

    For toddlers they can improve cognitive development, increase awareness of the world around them, improve fine motor skills, stimulate independent thinking, and increase confidence.

    For babies they are great for entertaining, distracting, increasing curiosity, improving focus and concentration, and aiding nervous system development.

    Remember though, particularly regarding toddlers, that flash cards may not be for every child. Like adults, every child is unique, including in which learning style works best for them.

    When can you start to use flash cards with your baby?

    You can start to use flash cards with baby from 3 months old, and they are great for learning through play up to pre-school age. 

    How do you introduce flash cards?

    Whilst we agree with the view that children don’t need words and letters on a flash card being drilled into them to learn and develop, and that children should primarily learn through play, we think that if they are used in a fun and interactive way, flash cards can be a great, fun learning tool.

    We think it’s most effective and fun to deliver sessions when your child is in a happy, relaxed state. We also think that flash cards should only be used for a short period to be the most effective.

    With toddlers, using the flash cards to describe, explain and potentially evoke a conversation can provide a much more valuable learning channel.

    Just holding up a flash card and reading a word to a child isn’t much fun for anyone and quite honestly no child is likely to gain anything from the experience, however, bringing their world into the learning experience or making the experience interactive, makes it more fun and more like play, which is how children learn.

    Examples of using the cards in an interactive way could be linking pictures on the cards to items in the home or asking your toddler to point to the objects or even find them for you or ask them to bring you objects that match the colour shown on the flash card – this creates a level of interactivity, making it more of a game and giving the child their independence to provide the answer themselves.

    Are black and white flash cards the best?

    Black and white flash cards are best for very young babies.

    Early on, from 0 to 3 months, baby cannot see colour well, but black and white patterns and distinct edges will engage young eyes and help them focus.

    From 6 to 9 months, edges and patterns begin to take shape as a complete image emerges, revealing exciting new pictures in baby’s eyes, which entertain and distract.

    From 9 to 12 months, depth perception is developing, and dexterity begins to improve. Good luck getting those flash cards out of baby's hands now!

    Our favourite flash cards for babies:

    Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby – Ocean

    Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby - Ocean
    These Wee Gallery Animal Art Cards are perfect for little ones. Babies are fascinated with black-and-white designs. Right from the start, these art cards begin developing a baby’s visual perception.

    The six adorable marine animals in this set include a Crab, Fish, Octopus, Seahorse, Turtle and Whale. Printed on sturdy board, these cards will stand up to baby’s explorations. Each 5″ x 7″ card is beautifully finished with matte lamination and child-friendly rounded corners.

    Animal Alphabet Flash Cards by The Jam Tart

    Animal Alphabet Flash Cards by The Jam Tart
    Baby and Children's Animal Alphabet Flash Cards - perfect for learning through play! 26 double sided flash cards, with rounded corners and beautiful designs.

    Animal Numbers Flash Cards by The Jam Tart

    Animal Numbers Flash Cards by The Jam Tart

    The Jam Tart Numbers Flash Cards - perfect for learning through play! 23 double sided flash cards, with rounded corners and beautiful designs. Includes numbers 1-20, +, - & =

    Wee Gallery Woodland Alphabet Cards

    Wee Gallery Woodland Alphabet Cards
    Wee Gallery Woodland Alphabet Cards are perfect for little ones to be introduced to letters of the alphabet with beautiful high-contrast illustrations of animals and woodland features.

    These sturdy cards are durable, matte laminated with rounded corners with distinctive woodland animals or woodland feature on one side and a sans serif letter on the other.

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