What Are The Baby Weaning Essentials?

What Are The Baby Weaning Essentials?

When I started weaning my first child when she turned 6 months, I had stocked up our cupboards with all the various cups, bowls, suction mats etc. and quickly found out what was worth investing in & what wasn’t.

When it came to weaning with my second child I knew that simple was the best approach. Here are my top weaning essentials for your weaning journey. Have fun!

  1. Konges Slojd Silicone Bowl & Spoon Set - This set is a brilliant staple for your weaning collection, the bowl is perfect for purees for traditional weaning, or has a sucker underneath to stick to baby’s tray if you are heading down the baby led weaning route.

  2. Liewood Gene Silicone Cup - This 4 pack of open cups are brilliant for letting baby try sipping for themselves & also has 2 handles giving them extra support as they develop & learn to hold the cup for themselves.

  3. Liewood Liva Silicone Spoons - You can NEVER have enough spoons!! I seem to leave one wherever we go! This 4 pack of spoons are brilliant for encouraging self feeding. These are our go to cereal, yogurt, puree, everything spoon!

  4. Konges Slojd Sippy cups - These 2 pack sippy cups come in so many sweet designs & are the perfect size for little hands. I always offered both an open & closed cup for my children & these are a really stylish take on the traditional sippy cup.

  5. Liewood Merle Cape Bib - The perfect cover-all for those messy meals. Let your baby get their hands in the spaghetti, safe in the knowledge they are completely covered!

  6. Konges Slojd Silicone Bib - This super stylish bib has a handy pocket at the bottom to catch every drop. Our favourite style of bib to catch everything! My 1 year old eats half his meal out of his & my 3 year old uses it for her cereal every morning!

  7. Liewood & Konges Slojd both have stunning placemats to compliment the fun & stylish designs of their tableware. Both practical & easy on the eye!

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