What are the best Montessori toys 2021?

What are the best Montessori toys 2021?

The beauty of Montessori learning is letting your child choose their own pathways of learning. Setting up Montessori play at home is simple to do; simply lay out a small selection of open ended toys & let your childs imagination run free. A top tip is, if your child gets stuck or needs help, simply guide them to find an answer, rather than taking over or rushing to find a solution.

Here are some of our favourites for lovely open-ended, montessori play:

  1. First up we’ve got the Liewood Gloria Silicone Dice - a really simple toy with lots of opportunities for play. Let your child explore these tactile dice, use them for pressing into play dough, stacking, number recognition, crayon rubbing.
  2. Next up we love the Wooden Alphabet Play Blocks by Oioiooi - the most beautiful wooden letters you will ever see. This heirloom collection has so many play opportunities; letter recognition, shape recognition, state sorting, story telling & so many more.
  3. Plan toys cleaning set - a really simple wooden collection of cleaning accessories, perfect for role play activities, mirroring what they see day to day from mum & dad.
  4. Wee Gallery wooden wild animal tower - this is a really lovely wooden open ended toy, your child can use the blocks to make unlimited characters, stack them, colour sort them, line them up, to name just a few ideas!
  5. Wee Gallery Organic Sensory Ball - one for the babies, this puzzle ball is designed to develop your baby's senses. Your baby will explore this ball, enjoy the monochrome colour palette & feel the textures. Extend the play by hanging above baby so they can reach & kick the ball, & later roll & throw. 


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