What are the easiest eco changes to make? - Kitchen edition

What are the easiest eco changes to make? - Kitchen edition

We are so happy to welcome Wild & Stone to the store, making eco swaps easy & stylish. When we first started to look at what changes we could make to run a more eco home, we started in the kitchen. We noticed a large amount of single use plastics were being used in this area so swapped out some products for more eco-friendly choices.

Firstly we looked at how we wash up; The Wild & Stone Organic Cotton Dishcloth & the Compostible Swedish Dish Cloths are perfect for washing up & wiping surfaces. Both are made with no micro plastics & my favourite thing about them is that they can be thrown in the washing machine & reused! The Organic Cotton Hand Towel is a lovely addition for drying plates as well as drying hands.

Next up we’ve got the beautiful Beeswax Eco Food Wraps; choose from 1 pack, 3 pack or 4 packs of the stylish food wraps. We love these for packing up sandwiches for food on the go or covering containers in the fridge. A brilliant eco alternative to clingfilm or foil, and super cute too!

We are loving the Reusable Cotton Produce bags for chucking in your bag before you head to the supermarket or greengrocer. They come in a handy pack of 3 small, medium & large durable cotton bags which will last you forever!

Lastly, how sweet are these Bamboo Baby Weaning Suction Plates & Bamboo Baby Weaning Spoons. This plate is perfect for introducing food to your baby with 3 separate sections & a suction cup base to stop at least some of the food going on the floor!!

Eco swaps - kitchen edition




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