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What Do I Need In My Hospital Bag?

With the due date looming, it’s time to start thinking about packing the all important hospital bag.

Once you have everything packed for your labour/birth, its time to start thinking about what you will need in those early days once the baby arrives. Here are some of our must haves for your time in the hospital and essentials for the newborn period.

Changing & Toiletry Bags:

First up, you are going to need a bag! We recommend investing in a good quality changing bag which can double as a hospital bag too. Here are some of our favourite changing bags which are the perfect size to stash all of your newborn essentials in:

Avery Row Changing Bag
Tiba + Marl Holdall Changing Bag
Konges Slojd Waterproof Changing Bag

baby changing bags
Keeping your toiletries/nappy cream in a separate bag makes it super easy to be able to quickly grab what you need without searching. Here are some handy toiletry bags to keep all the important bits separate:

Avery Row Wash Bag
Little Dutch Toiletry Bag
Wild & Stone Reusable Produce Bags

Baby Changing Time:

Nappy changing duties start straight away, but who said you can’t make it stylish? Here are some of our super useful yet ever so chic, baby changing must haves:

Little Dutch Nappy Pouch
Avery Row Travel Baby Changing Mat
Little Dutch Changing Pad
Little Dutch Baby Wipes Cover

Baby changing mats

Pregnancy & Nursing pillows:

If you are staying in hospital overnight, you might want to bring some homey touches with you to add some extra comfort to your stay. Pregnancy pillows and nursing pillows do wonders for bringing some extra support to those early feeds. Here are some of our best selling solutions:

Avery Row Nursing pillow
Konges Slojd Nursing Pillow
Bellamoon Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

Pregnancy pillows

Muslins & Swaddles:

If there was ever an essential you need to stock up on it's muslins! Do not underestimate the amount of wiping that lays ahead! We still use them with our 3 and 5 year olds! We have a huge range of baby muslins and swaddles here at Soren's House, but here are some of our favourites:

Avery Row Organic Baby Muslin Squares - Set Of 3
Rosa & Blue Muslin Square
OYOY Muslin Squares 3 Pack


Baby Blankets:

A snuggly baby blanket is an essential for bringing your baby home from the hospital, keeping them toasty and warm on your journey home. We have so many different brands and designs to choose from, but here is my top 3:

KURA Organics Knitted Baby Blanket
Avery Row Plain Knit Baby Blanket
OYOY Kami Baby Blanket

Baby blankets

Baby Clothing:

Along with the usual baby vests and sleep suits, we recommend bringing one special baby clothing outfit, whether it be for their first photo or for coming home in; that one special outfit can be treasured and passed down to siblings or friends. Here are some of our super soft favourites:

Sleepy Doe Baby Sleepsuit
Rosa & Blue Baby Sleepsuit
KURA Organics Baby Wrap
KURA Organics Baby Beanie Hat

Baby clothing



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