Collection: Plan Toys

Plan Toys are pioneers of ethical wooden toys that are designed to elevate your child's creative playtime, allowing them to develop essential skills whilst keeping play fun and engaging. In the collection below, you'll be able to find a wide range of different toy types that encourage imaginative play, including Plan Toys doll houses, building blocks, car racing sets, and more. These colourful toys are built to last, and are crafted with non-toxic paints to ensure that your child is kept safe from harmful materials and chemicals. Shop sustainably-sourced wooden toys from Plan Toys in the full collection below.

    What are Plan Toys?
    Plan Toys are a brand that make ethical wooden toys for kids. They designed these toys to be fun, engaging and educational for developing key skills. Made from sustainably sourced wood, Plan Toys are made fairly in Thailand, offering a collection of eco-friendly wooden toys that are built to last.

    Are Plan Toys safe?
    Yes, Plan Toys use sustainable and safe materials, including non-formaldehyde glue, organic color pigment and water-based dyes for all products, making these toys environmentally friendly and safe for children to play with.