Collection: Pram Pillows

Pram pillows are the perfect way to ensure that your child can comfortably explore the world around them and experience their surroundings when placed in their pushchair. These soft and cosy products help to support your baby when sitting up and encourage curious minds to learn, plus with a wide variety of cute colourful patterns available, you'll be able to find the perfect pram cushion for your little one. Made from the softest organic cotton, adding a support cushion to your pram will ensure that each outdoor stroll will be an enjoyable experience for both parent and baby. Discover the full range of pram pillows from leading baby brands such as Konges Slojd below.

    What is a pram pillow?
    Pram pillows are soft cushions that are inserted into pushchairs in order to give your child more support and comfort when in their pram. A pram pillow allows your baby to be supported when sitting up, making it more comfortable for them to explore the world around them from inside their pram. 

    Are pram pillows safe?
    Yes, pram pillows are safe when used correctly. It is recommend that no babies younger than 12 months old should use pillows as they can cause babies to overheat and can potentially be a suffocation hazard. However, once your child is old enough to sit up by themselves, support their own neck and begin crawling it is considered to be safe to use a pram pillow. We advise to never leave your baby unattended with pram pillows as a safety precaution.