Collection: Storage

Keep your baby's nursery neat, tidy and organised with our range of stylish nursery storage solutions. From toy storage bags and boxes, to bookshelves, caddys and more, discover our full collection of nursery storage options, suitable for children's bedrooms and playrooms too!

Where do you store large toy items?
Since large toys take up more storage space, it's often a good idea to store these in large boxes or in woven baskets. However, if the item is particularly large, you can also store this in a cupboard, at the bottom of a wardrobe or in a set of drawers. Soren's House have a wide range of storage options in a number of sizes to suit your preferences. These are also available in an assortment of designs to match with your interiors. Whether you're looking for a larger toy storage option, such as a wardrobe or set of drawers, or you're searching for a smaller but spacious toy storage solution, such as a storage basket, browse the range at Soren's House.

How do you store toys in a small room?
Making the most of the space you have is particularly important when limited. Making sure your little ones' toys are stored away neatly without taking up too much space and risking an overcrowded interior is made easy with baskets and small toy shelves. These provide a great option when it's difficult to fit larger furniture items in the room - so take a look at the range of toy storage options at Soren's House and find the perfect solution for you.

How can I save space with toys?
Depending on the size of your child's room, the best way you can save space with toys is by utilising a number of different storage solutions. A great way to save space is by investing in a reliable toy basket. These come in a number of different patterns and materials and provide an easy way to store items when not in use. However, for larger rooms, you may want to use larger storage units.