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    Best Toys For 1 Year Olds UK 2022

    The first birthday is always a big milestone in a baby's (and their parent's) life. It marks the end of them being a baby and slowly beginning to make that transition into a walking, talking toddler. Having two kids of my own, I am often asked ‘What kinds of toys are best for a 1 year old?” So here goes:

    Ride ons & Pull Alongs:

    First up, something for them to push along is always a great start. Here at Sorens House we have a brilliant selection of Ride On Toys and Pull Along Toys. We are currently loving the Liewood Bonnie Pushcart and the Childhome Wooden Toy Stroller. Both are sturdy and wooden, which means they are built to last and can be filled with toys to take on a trip around the room while baby develops those all important leg muscles needed to start walking unaided.

    Toys for 1 year olds

    Stacking & Sorting:

    We stock a lovely range of wooden stacking toys and sorting toys here at Soren's House. There's a great range from Vilac to keep 1 year olds entertained, as well as helping to develop key areas. We love the Wooden Pop-up Iceland Toy and the Wooden Tractor & Animal Trailer Stacking Toy. Both are brilliant for developing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, with the precise slotting action involved with both activity toys.

    Toys for 1 year olds

    Rolling Toys:

    Something on wheels such as a toy car or rolling toy make wonderful gifts for eager-to-learn toddlers. We are huge fans of the Plan Toys Water Block cars and the Konges Slojd Rolling Dinosaurs. Cars are great at motivating baby to explore around the room while pushing the car, as well as seeing what happens when it rolls down a ramp.

    Toys for 1 year olds

    Musical Toys & Instruments:

    My go-to gift for 1 year olds is always Musical Toys and Toy Instruments. My eldest has been playing with hers for 4 years now and doesn’t look like she is getting bored of them any time soon. The Konges Slojd Music Set is a beautiful gift and is so well made, it can be passed down through the family. Plan Toys also have a lovely selection of instruments from the Solid Drum to the lovely Oval Xylophone.

    Toys for 1 year olds



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