The best storage solution ideas for kids bedrooms & playrooms?

The best storage solution ideas for kids bedrooms & playrooms?

After Christmas Day is done, it's inevitable that there'll be an abundance of new toys with nowhere to put them. We thought we would suggest some of our favourite storage solutions for kids, that are stylish as well as really helpful for getting tidy again after Christmas!

First up we’ve got our super stylish collection from Play & Go; these brilliant storage bags double as play mats, as well as the perfect item to carry toys on the go. The range includes reversible storage bags, with fun designs on both sides, as well as ‘soft’ toy storage bags, which are perfect for tummy time for the little ones. We love these bags for chucking toys in before a long car trip or hotel stay, scooping up toys & hanging on the back of a door, as well as the perfect solution for small toys like lego. 

Next up we are loving the Eco Paper Storage Sack from Cabana kids; made from 2 ply kraft paper, these super affordable storage sacks come in single, twin pack & triple pack. The best thing about this storage solution is that it can be tailored to the size you require; each sack comes in a standard size but can be easily rolled down to the perfect size for you.

You can’t get much cooler than the house storage bags from Rock & Pebble. Made from 100% organic cotton canvas, they are the perfect monochrome solution for any stylish room. These stunning bags come in black or white, with a simple house design on the front. Lovely for small world play as well as keeping your little ones room tidy.

Wigiwama have some gorgeous cotton canvas storage bags that would look at home in any kids room. We love that these can be folded flat & stored away when not needed, but also rigid enough to keep its shape when full of toys or empty.
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