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Elhee is a French brand, founded by mother of 3, Allison Piraud, who wanted to find a safe solution to alternate between breast feeding and bottle feeding her son.

Having experienced broken glass bottles and the worry about the safety of new plastic, Allison turned her attention to testing different materials with sanity, practicality and ergonomics at the forefront.

Using only medical grade silicone, Elhee’s eco-responsible baby bottles are designed to beautifully replicate the natural curves of the mothers shape.

Furthermore the bottles feature a revolutionary sealing system, which paired with their soft silicone, ensures the bottles contents (and its nutrients) cannot come into contact with any other material.


What are the benefits of medical grade silicone?

Elhee's silicone meets US FDA, CPSIA, EN 14350 and BfR standards. Silicone presents no risk for babies, compared to plastic which is derived from petroleum, containing chemical particles with an osteogenic activity.

The Elhée baby bottle does not release micro plastics and is Bisphenol, BPA, GMP and BPS free.

Some other advantages include being steriliser, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, due to it being resistant to extreme temperatures. Not to mention being hygienic, flexible and the fact that it won't dry out or crack.

Where is Elhee made?

All Elhee bottles are designed and manufactured in France, in the Rhône-Alpes region.

The physiological teats are manufactured by a team of German experts, to promote oral development in your child.

Is Elhee sustainable?

Elhee take their environmental and social footprint very seriously; Each stage is met with a sustainable approach, from design to production to shipping. The bottles are packaged in FSC-certified paper and printed with vegetable based ink.

Elhee favours environmentally friendly raw materials to reduce is environmental impact as much as possible, and source industrial partners who share the same environmental and social values.

Are Elhee bottles recyclable?

Used or damaged Elhee bottles can be sent to the TerraCycle Association to be recycled.

Are Elhee bottles good?

Elhee say the best bottle should mimic breastfeeding conditions as closely as possible, so have created a bottle that is soft to the touch and mimics the curves of the mothers body.

Our range of Elhee bottles:

Here at Soren's House we stock 2 sizes of Elhee baby bottles, 150ml and 240ml, in a range of stunning colourways. We also stock medium flow and small flow teats which fit all Elhee bottles.

Elhee baby bottles

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