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    Wild & Stone Coconut Fibre Eco Dish Brush

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    This brilliant eco dish brush is made from sustainably sourced coconut fibre, FSC 100% certified beechwood and stainless steel, creating a 100% natural and biodegradable washing-up brush.

    You will no longer unwittingly be releasing microplastics down the drain every time you do the dishes!

    The bristles are tough enough to shift tough grease and build up, yet soft enough to be used on non-stick pans and glassware. The sturdy angled head makes it perfect to get right into the corners of pans or mugs.

    Material: FSC 100% certified beechwood, coconut husk and stainless steel
    Dimensions: L 23 x W 7 x D 5 cm 
    Care instructions:
    - Rinse and let air dry after each use
    - Test surfaces to make sure they do not scratch (some extra soft or cheaper materials may scratch)
    - Please keep in mind that the dish brush head is attached using natural glue. If the brush handle is left in hot water for too long, it could dissolve. To extend the longevity of your natural product, we recommend properly drying the brush between uses.