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    What Are The Best Educational Toys For Children?

    My kids seem much more up for learning when fun is involved. So i thought i would highlight a few of our favourite toys that bring a bit of extra entertainment whilst also helping them learn a thing or two!

    Hand eye coordination:

    Wee Gallery have a fabulous range of lacing cards - Each set contains sturdy cards & thick laces which help develop your childs hand eye coordination & motor skills.

    Times Tables:

    We love the Legler wooden multiplication table for making times tables fun. Simply turn the cylinder to reveal the answer to the sum. It's also brilliant for helping to identify patterns in each times table.


    Tenderleaf have a beautiful wooden fractions puzzle designed to help children develop their knowledge of fractions. The set comes complete with a wooden knife for the child to divide up the puzzle.


    Art & Design:

    Most of the studio roof range encourages problem solving, instruction following & creativity. But you can take it a step further with the DIY 3D models. Each set requires your child to decorate the model before assembly. Let their imaginations run wild!

    Telling the time:

    We absolutely love the Vilac Wooden Clock For Learning. This clock is all kinds of fun, & features moving cogs & easy to move hands, digital dial & also quiz cards to test theirnew knowledge!












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